Republicans should be ashamed of themselves and the rest of the country should be pissed at them

The United States Senate approved 27 of President Obama’s nominees for federal positions, all by unanimous consent.

If this doesn’t show the hypocrisy of the Senate Republicans then i don’t know what does. Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans cared more about obstruction than getting important bipartisan nominees confirmed. The Republicans should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They would rather see the country fail under Obama than give him any “political victories”. UNANIMOUS votes.

Republicans: How dare you? How dare you try to win political points on every issue? How dare you run on a campaign that the President is out of touch with the American people and doesn’t have any solutions. You are the ones who are out of touch, obstructing democracy, and attempting to convince the American people that the Democrats don’t want to work with you. You were the ones who put a blanket hold on 70 nominees. You were the ones who would filibuster nominees who you have no issues whatsoever with. This is a democracy, and we hold elections. Some people win, and some people lose. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean the American people have to suffer from your continued incompetence.

Democrats: Make this a central theme in the 2010 elections. The Republicans are the party of no and the party of obstruction, and the Democrats are trying to solve the countries problems.

27 down. Still more to go.


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