Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?

That is what David Rothkopf is advocating here.

…Reid must be replaced. And while the likely next-in-line Dick Durbin is a favorite throughout the party (despite also hailing from the swamp of Illinois politics), this is not a job that needs another nice guy.  Searching for the kind of strong leadership Obama knows he needs, it may be time to satisfy the exceptional ambition of Durbin’s DC roommate, Chuck Schumer. He’s the only one with a shot at becoming a Lyndon Johnson-like, master of the Senate.

Not a horrible idea. This has been a personal preference of mine for quite some time now. The man knows the Senate, knows the rules, knows the players, and is unlikely ever to be voted out by New Yorkers.


One Response

  1. I don’t know if I’d say he’ll never be beaten but he’s pretty secure. The bigger issue here is that Schumer seems to know how to get things done and build coalitions, while Durbin strikes me as a more liberal version of Harry Reid.

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